I Am Ready for One-on-One Sessions!

Okay. This is exciting.

Here’s what you do now:

First, fill out the application below. Tell Judy a bit about your project and yourself.

Next, upload your script. There’s a place below where you can just drag a copy of your PDF or word file.

Finally, click Send and you’ll be redirected to our Paypal so you can send in your deposit. You having your own PayPal account is not required.

Regardless of which Package you’d like, the $250 refundable deposit is called for at this stage.

This is what will happen next.

As soon as Judy has read your script once, her office will contact you to set up a time to talk to her personally.

You and Judy  will talk and mutually determine if this process is right for you at this point. If either of you decide you’re not a good “fit”, you get your deposit back.

Otherwise, you will become a client. You’ll agree on which mentoring package will work best for you and your unique situation, and you will PayPal half of your balance, the other half to be sent to PayPal before your last session..

You and Judy will arrange a time to talk. Via Skype, or via phone.

Judy will ask questions, and you’ll answer them. Or think about them. Or you’ll disagree with her. And together you’ll talk about how this script can be made good, better, best.

Enter Your Details Below To Take Advantage Of This RARE Opportunity To Literally Work Side By Side With Judy On YOUR SCRIPT!

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Okay. If you want to upload your script here, directly, do it BEFORE you hit that send button. PDF or Word or Pages Format is best. (if you're not ready to upload it just yet, that's okay. You can send it via email if you like). You should be able to just drag your file to the box below that says "Drop Files Here." THEN hit send.

When you click the Send Button below, you will be redirected to our Payment processor (Paypal, where you will pay your (refundable) application fee of $250. Check your email after that, and we'll get started!