Working on your script
from the objective pov?

Judy will read and acquaint herself with your script readying for an hour-long discussion ($250) with you. You decide jointly if you want to go ahead.

Going ahead the sessions are $125 an hour.

If you are about to start a re-write, 3 session hours should do it. You’ll get her advice about what works and where to spend your time.

She suggests 5 session hours if you want to go to market with it soon. She will encourage you to spend some time on some undeveloped wicked idea or a clumsy scene (or similar questions particular to your script.)

It may take 8 hours of sessions if applying the producer’s pov has turned up a lot of missed opportunities. You two will decide.

Every now and then, when you want to, you’ll go away and write. You’ll call when you want Judy to read and you’ll talk and discuss changes, new ideas that have come out of the writing.

And at the end of each of your discussions, You Will Leave Fired Up!

So What Happens Now?

Click the “Get Started” button below. You’ll fill out a short application answering a few questions so Judy knows where you currently are in your process. You’ll submit that application along with your script and the read/explore $250 to-get-started fee!

Sound Good?