Students and Seekers

You’ve had enough to do to get through your junior and senior years. Maybe someone said something to you about “bonding” or “P&A” funds, and you put them aside to learn later because devouring Scorcese’s films or those of Takeshi Kitano has taken as much study-time as producing your thesis.

Or, you’ve been in LA, NY or Atlanta or New Orleans awhile, struggling to make ends meet as a PA (or drinking cups of coffee at Peet’s while you stare at your computer screen) and worrying about “next steps”. The asshole you met over drinks (you paid) through your mother hasn’t come through with his uncle “at the agency” and you feel stalled.

What you need to do is something positive – connect the dots. Figure out what you do know, and figure out what you need to know. Those concepts that flew by you? If you want to produce your former roommate’s small movie’ , can you do it for $50,000, does “bonding” apply, and if you do it, can you sell it? Can you make the money back? Can you know enough about Film Markets to assess whether to spend the money to go to one and what will you learn there? While you are trying to soak up information, can you tell a myth-mongerer from someone serious enough that you might want to league up with them.

That’s why I say that my experience is your advantage. Some sage said – if you are going someplace, walk along with someone who’s already been there. (Another said: You should walk a mile in someone else’s shoes…because then you’ll be a mile away and have a new pair of shoes, but that’s another story.) My book and my webinar, honed by the excellent questions of others like you, will be available in late 2015. SO get that list together of what you need to know and sign up for one or both. I’ll take you through– the steps from development and pre-pre production through editing and distribution and successful marketing. Its definitely a process. Trust me, it will start to come together and make sense. Please don’t operate on the myths which make you feel like everybody else knows better what to do. It takes time..and information.


  • All you need is an agent.
  • You need to write an excellent screenplay or make a good short and then you’ll get an agent and they’ll do everything.
  • You can sell your script or ideas at Film Markets.
  • Acting classes are just for acting.
  • You just have to secure foreign sales because they’ll “mitigate against the risk”.
  • You’ll sound wise if you say things like that.
  • Agents at the top won’t allow their clients to read your script.
  • All agents will protect their clients from your script.
  • Or, it will be easy to get your scripts/projects in front of the right people.
  • You will make money from VOD or Netflix instead of traditional distribution.
  • You will make enough money from alternative methods of distribution to make your next film.