Good words from Good People:

Judith James has been my partner and my most trusted critic for—-I can honestly say I don’t remember for how long. She is smart, reliable and does what she says she will do.
Judith has heard me suggest ideas and most often her first comment is “It would sell like hotcakes in … Western Europe;”
She has improved any script I show her by leagues. She thrives on stories that we’re told are impossible to tell;
I have never heard her raise her voice. I have often heard her say “Why would we want to do that? It’s been done already.”
She is the producer you don’t believe really exists in the movie about a great producer. Richard Dreyfuss
Judith is a fantastic mentor to her writers. Among countless other traits, she ushers her writers through the entirety of the development process, constantly breaking down the myths that might stop them from moving forward with their work, and as every screenwriter knows, it’s the work and constant plodding through it that will make them or break them in the end. You will learn more from her in three hours than most writers learn in years.Erin Condron - Writer/Conceptualizer HASBRO/Star Wars, DANNY for the Irish FIlm Board
One of Judy’s myriad talents is her innate ability to successfully guide a writer to the movie they’re trying to describe on the page. Not by imposing her opinions on your story; not by forcing it into some prefab structure, but by actually reading your script and asking specific, pertinent, thoughtful and often challenging questions of you. Questions born of her experience as a real world Creative Producer. No matter where your script is in it’s journey to the screen, you will benefit enormously from her wisdom and inspiration.David Knell - Writer/Actor/Online Whizz
Judy James has an unusual ability to get into the head of a writer and to work alongside him/her as a true collaborator. She never tries to mold the script into her own vision but rather works painstakingly to help the writer achieve theirs. Her clarity, precision and above all else, her genuine respect for the writer, is what sets her apart from anyone else I’ve collaborated with over the past twenty years. Joe Cacaci -Writer/Director/Showrunner Television, Theater, Film. Teaches Television Writing at Graduate Film School - NYU and Columbia; Undergraduate at Wesleyan.
During the course of the twenty or so years I’ve known Judy James, I’ve sent her any number of scripts to tear apart. She has done so each time with the precision of a brain surgeon, following which she never failed to offer point clear suggestions on how improvement of the property could be achieved. Very few film people can dissect a script as thoroughly and capably as Judy, who comes to her work first and foremost as a producer. And I don’t know any of them.
David Paulsen - Dallas: Producer/Director/Writer -over 100 episodes; Dynasty: Executive Producer (Show Runner); Among movies: Proof of Man - George Kennedy , Toshiro Mifune
“I came to Judy with a script I already felt very good about. To my surprise, she found new ways to look at it: the story, the structure, the dialogue. Before I knew it, the script had come together in a way I didn’t expect… and for the better. Working with Judy was a great learning experience and a lot of fun too!”Rob Smithline - Writer/Editor/Director - TRUST US, THE HUNTER'S ANTHOLOGY
Thanks for your great presentation yesterday. I think you could gauge from the first question the students asked – “Could you teach here next semester?” – that it went over well…….the way it was presented, the organization, the clips, and the unique and personal spin you gave to the subject made it come alive and connected all the dots.Dr. Jed Dannenbaum, Senior Lecturer, USC School of Cinematic Arts.
Judy James masterfully dispels the Hollywood myths while empowering the students, she skillfully confirms their course of study and at the same time encourages them to push out into the world.Hafed Bouassida, Chair, Cinema Divison, Minneapolis Community and Technical College.
Judy James. She is the real deal! Her ability to share with film students an enthusiasm for film making, all wrapped in her long list of credits, knowledge, and first hand experience on the front lines of filmmaking is what makes her a Producer with a capital “P”. It takes Intensity, Experience, Knowledge, Persistence, Salesmanship, and most of all a huge affinity for the people. Judy James has those qualities and shares them in a one stop workshop that is truly engaging.Tom Garret - Producer, Associate Professor/Film Program Co-ordinator - Sam Houston University
I thoroughly enjoyed your stories, your advice, your perspectives on the process and the clips were very apt.Mathew Bernstein, Chair Film and Media -Emory
It was so great to have you come to my class last night; I want to let you know much the class really enjoyed meeting you and hearing how it’s done in the “ real world “. We have spent a great of time discussing the marketing and distribution process and they have heard from an array of marketing people, and studio executives, however the first hand experience how marketing impacts production and how producers interact with studios….was just great. Also as my class has a lot of women so it was also important for them to see and meet a successful and experienced producer. Thanks again much appreciated.Stephan Manpearl, UCLA Extension: Entertainment Studies and Performing Arts

From Students

I just wanted to say thank you again for coming talk to us. It was truly helpful.
Chrissy Lewis
I’ve been to Judith’s workshop twice now – each time I came away with a notebook filled with invaluable information, tips and guidelines on how to navigate the sometimes treacherous territory of the producing world. Inspiring and encouraging, Judith listens sincerely and tells you what you can do to get your project off the ground. Tracy Wren
I was one of the actors in “That Denver Group” that showcased our monologues and scenes for you, Joe Cacacci and Pat McCorkle in NYC a few years back…I just listened to your interview with my coach Paul Neal Rohrer (on Denver radio) and I really look forward to attending your Spring Producer seminar – sounds fascinating. See you in Spring 2012!Steve Austin, Colorado