Here’s the deal. Writer/Director Dan Adams is a pretty good writer of characters who are delightful to play. Richard, Blythe Danner, Mamie Gummer and Tom Wisdom are no slouches. They’d signed on for the script and looked forward to a Cape Cod shoot. Dan didn’t have the money. He hadn’t had the money for his prior movie. He was a charming man with a terrific family and a love of CapeCod stories. Way over his head. He wanted to make his movies so much, he lied. He convinced himself that his movies would garner a lot of attention and all would be forgiven.

Writers: Here’s your deal. Don’t wade into these waters at all. If you are still seduced to make your movie with borrowed money, you and whoever your partners are – probably a director – borrow ENOUGH money. Get a budget professionally done (you can use to get your bearings. ) and follow it. Don’t listen to the myths, don’t ‘hope’, don’t promise, don’t talk about deferments unless you and your partner really know what they are. Don’t expect a small movie to make big bucks, don’t dream of Sundance. Frankly use your early years as a working writer to further your craft, to observe, to get better. Let someone else take the risks while you learn.