So, What Does A Producer DO?


Judith James is the rare Creative Producer in the Film and Theater Industries. As such she is an articulate champion for all self-reliant Producers. Not for the star’s manager producer, not the money-finder producer, not the distributor’s producer, not the assigned producer, not somebody’s best friend producer, not for the bought-out-with-a-credit competing producer. Yes, those producers all act within their narrow concerns servicing their corner of the film, but none focus on the health of the whole venture. The producer, the one who can be called the Creative Producer these days (historically THE Producer), is the person who keeps the entire film in mind, gives the picture itself a vote on every issue, is prepared with potential work-arounds, not compromises, lives and breaths and protects the script, hires, fights for, the right team, creates a fair atmosphere so the team can do their best work…this producer is keeping track of every aspect of production for the benefit of the whole. This producer has gained experience, knows it and works it. The Creative Producer. (Here imagine executives rolling their eyes.)

Judith James, the champion for the important and often overlooked influence of a Creative producer on a script or a production (and she does avidly believe the Movie itself gets the winning vote on this) wants those who understand their craft, writers or producers, to gather the strength to stand up for themselves, brave the marginalizing based on the studio model. and learn how to exercise their abilities.

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So, What Does A Producer Do?

For Writers

One-on-One Sessions. In a unique and unusual offer, Judith will bring to bear all her knowledge as a producer, her ability to think around corners, her respect and admiration for the writer and the story in ‘one-on-one sessions’. A great opportunity for the writer. Her experience is the writer's advantage and may well be enough to cause the screenwriter to get their work bought, or to advance from bought to shot (separate but equally difficult tasks).

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For Producers

With a healthy dose of diplomacy, Judith will give you tools to learn and withstand those who think you are expendable in favor of producers in suits.

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